For all those looking to renew their permanent residency or seek to become a Canadian citizen, WWICS can help. Canadian Citizenship is considered as one of the most coveted citizenships in the world; and it can be obtained through legally recognized permanent residence or specific family ties. Canadian Citizenship is a coveted status. Applicants who are lawful permanent residents or have certain ties to Canada can apply for permanent citizenship and procure a Canadian passport. Obtaining the citizenship is first formal procedure towards becoming a Canadian citizen.

Applicants should be prepared to pledge of citizenships, before receiving the certificate of Canadian Citizenship. If the applicants are permanent Canada residents with specified criterion, then they have an advantage. The criterion includes specific age, time spent in Canada, character, language and essentially familiarity of Canada requirements.

Types of Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship can be acquired through

Citizenship through Permanent Residency

The resident who has maintained permanent residency status, lawfully, can apply for Canadian Citizenship through Permanent Residency via this visa. Applicant can also procure Canadian passport. The applicant should be prepared to pledge of citizenship, before receiving the certificate of Canadian Citizenship. Upon approval, the applicant is entitled to avail rights of equality, legal, mobility, aboriginal peoples' rights and the right to peaceful assembly.

In order to be recognized as Canadian citizen through this program,

Citizenship through Adoption

Citizenship through Adoption program allows applicant who have been adopted by Canadian parents to obtain Canadian citizenship. The applicant should have at least one Canadian parent to get citizenship, receive a Canadian passport, and enjoy the benefits for an eligible Canadian citizen.

The applicant, who is an adopted child of Canadian parents, has to be adopted outside Canada. Once approved, the applicant can enjoy the rights and freedoms as equal to a Canadian resident. This includes aboriginal people's rights, equality rights, legal rights, mobility rights, freedom of thought, religion, and speech as well as the right to peaceful assembly.

Renewal of Permanent Residency Status

The permanent resident card (PR Card) is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada. If you have completed a minimum of 730 days in five years in Canada as a permanent resident, you need to renew your Permanent Resident Card. WWICS can help you as we offer hassle-free services in order to get this done.