Kellie Leitch’s Understanding of Immigration System Questioned by a Lawyer

March 15th, 2017 by admin

A controversial proposal from a conservative leadership candidate for screening immigrants who are coming to Canada has brought to limelight the procedure that is being followed in admitting people tot he country.

Kellie Leitch, during an interview with Calgary Eyeopener, talked about the video she uploaded on social media giving reference to a large number of people who have viewed it. She added that the popularity of her video indicates that this topic on immigration is being discussed readily by people.

Leitch is the view that all the visitors, refugees and immigrants coming to Canada should undergo a face-to-face interview and should be check for the values he or she has towards Canada.

Evelyn Ackah, an immigration lawyer, has taken the matter in her hand and has put a question mark of the knowledge of Leitch on the current immigration system.

Ackah who is a managing lawyer at a business immigration firm was speaking to Calgary Eyeopener on Friday.

Evelyn pointed to the fact that all the immigrants whether they are a refugee or an immigrant are screened at the consulate and have already been seen face to face. Police checks are done of these immigrants for next six months once they start living in Canada. They are also being screened by humanitarian organizations and a complete scrutiny is done.

The statement made by Kellie only shows that she does not have complete knowledge of the working of the immigration system.

Evelyn was asked about her view on screening immigrants to find out what sort of Canadian values do they have, such as tolerance, freedom, generosity, helping others, hard work, and equal opportunity.

Evelyn responded to a question by saying who can one check for such factors? This argument does not make any sense and it does not look really practical.

She added that in case it had been easy to immigrate to Canada than there would have been no need for immigration lawyers or of immigration consultants.

Canada has an open door policy for immigrants and has always welcomed new people who want to come here and settle permanently.

However, it has strict regulations to ensure that only the right kind and deserving people get the chance to immigrate to Canada.

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