New Zealand Follows US & Australia – Plans Restrictions on Skilled Worker Visa

April 19th, 2017 by admin

What started out in one part of the globe has reached the other part of the globe. It was started out by US to put more restrictions on how immigration applications are scrutinized. Recently, Australia announced that it will make changes to its immigration policies. The latest addition to this list is New Zealand.

The government of New Zealand has announced that it is planning to tighten access to skilled work visas with the objective to help local people find jobs.

People who are employed in the seasonal work such as picking up fruits will get the length of their work visas reduced to the time period they are required in the country.

These planned changes will be taken with the purpose to keep a check on the high level of immigration that is happening in New Zealand. This issue has cropped up as housing shortages, overcrowding and road congestion has been observed in Auckland and other major cities in New Zealand.

According to the statistical department in New Zealand, more than 70,000 new immigrants have come to New Zealand in the last year alone. The majority of these people have settled down in Auckland, which is now home to more than 1.5 million people.

This announcement from New Zealand has come after a day an announcement was made by Australia that will give more importance to Australian workers and will replace the skilled 457 visas. Just a day before, Australian prime minister, Malcolm Trurnbull stated that, “ Australians must have priority for Australian jobs – so the government is planning to abolish the 457 class visas. This visa is used to bring temporary foreign workers into the country”.

The immigration minister of New Zealand, Michael Woodhouse used almost the same language when he announced the plans of the country on immigration. According to him, “The government has a Kiwis-first approach to immigration”.

“It is important that the immigration process of the country is bringing in right people who have the right skills to fill up genuine skill shortages. This will contribute in the growth and development of the economy” Woodhouse added.

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