Bolstered by a strong economy and favorable perceptions of the quality of life it offers, Canada is one of the world’s largest countries with immense business opportunities.

At a time when the United States continues to crack down on immigration and close off its borders; its northern neighbor appears to be increasingly determined to widen the gates.

Canada’s business friendly environment is built on world class cities that consistently rank as the best places to live and work. Business opportunities in Canada are limitless and the business environment is welcoming. Canada’s competitive business costs, reasonable corporate tax rates, successful innovation clusters, efficient transport, infrastructure and ready access to markets make Canada a preferred business destination worldwide.

The country is seeking individual with entrepreneur skills and investors who can contribute to its vibrant economy and meet the demands of its rapidly changing job market.

The Canadian Immigration runs various immigration programs that aim to attract qualified foreign entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and investors with available venture capital and entrepreneurial skills to help promote and develop country’s economy and in return secure permanent residency for themselves and their family members.

Available Business Immigration Programs

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  2. Start-up Visa Program
  3. Owner Operator Program

Start-up Visa Program is designed for foreign entrepreneurs …

Canada is in search of entrepreneurs, investors…

Owner Operator is one of the most-sought after programs..