Claresholm, Alberta

Claresholm, Alberta

Claresholm is one of eleven communities in Canada approved for the RNIP. It is the only community to be selected in the province of Alberta.

The Claresholm RNIP is designed to support economic development by attracting qualified immigrants to fill vacant, full-time, permanent jobs in Claresholm and within 25 km of Claresholm.

The Claresholm Economic Development Committee has been approved under Government of Canada Ministerial Order to recommend immigrants for Canadian permanent residency for 3-years beginning January 2020.

During 2020, only 20 people and their families will be recommended by the Claresholm Economic Development Committee to become permanent residents of Canada. The number will be re-evaluated for 2021.

Eligibility Requirements for Employers

Employers that wish to fill full-time permanent positions must meet a series of criteria.

They need to demonstrate that the job offer is a genuine offer of employment in an occupation or an industry sector that is in demand in the community.

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

Applicants, who wish to live and work in Claresholm,Alberta must meet a series of eligibility criteria.

  1. Meet federal eligibility criteria related to language proficiency, education and intention to reside in the community;
  2. Have obtained an offer of employment from an approved employer in one of the National Occupational Classification (2016) groups determined by the Claresholm Economic Development Committee to be in-demand in Claresholm; and
  3. Have past work experience that is commensurate with duties and responsibilities required to effectively work in the job specified within their job offer.

Applicants who do not live in Canada, or if they live in Canada but do not have a Valid Open Work Permit, need to submit their job applications using the Claresholm RNIP Employment Portal.

Whereas applicants who are currently living in Canada, and hold a valid Open Work Permit, can apply for jobs directly with the employer and identify themselves as an Open Work Permit holder.

Application Process

  1. Meet the Federal Criteria
  2. Create a personal profile on the Claresholm RNIP Employment Portal
  3. Identify the community specific criteria that you meet
  4. Accept a Job Offer
  5. Receive Community Recommendation
  6. Apply for Permanent Residence with IRCC
  7. Apply for work permit at Claresholm employers
  8. Start new life in Claresholm