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Express Entry System

Express Entry System

Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class & Federal Skilled Trades Class

Express Entry is an online system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada through three of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers:

It is a competitive immigration system, ranking all eligible candidates against one another based on their age, education, language proficiency, work experience & other factors and then inviting the high-ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence through regular draws.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to eligible to apply under Express Entry Program, the applicant must:

  • have a minimum 1 year of continuous work experience in the last 10 years in the skill level O, A or B under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list;
  • meet or exceed the minimum language threshold of Canadian language benchmark (CLB) as per the program requirement;
  • hold a Canadian educational credential equivalent to high school or a foreign educational credential along with an educational credential assessment (ECA) report must be provided from a designated agency.

 How Express Entry works

  1. Determine Eligibility in one of the three economic immigration programs: Potential applicants will need to be eligible for one of the three immigration programs in Express Entry to get into the pool.
  2. Create an Express Entry profile: Eligible candidates are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by creating a profile in Express Entry portal summarizing their skills and credentials including Age, Education, Language, Work Experience, and others.

Providing valid language test results and ECA report are mandatory to submit with the application.

Following submission, eligible candidates are entered into a pool of applicants, where Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will be automatically applicable and applicants will be ranked on a scale of 1200 points. The higher a candidate’s CRS score, the higher the likelihood they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Job bank

Candidates in the Express Entry pool can create an account on the Canada Job Bank, which eligible Canadian employers can use to find skilled foreign nationals and offer them a position.

If you claim a full-time Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approved job offer under Express Entry, you can now get:

  • 200 CRS points for NOC 00 jobs
  • 50 CRS points for any other NOC 0, A and B jobs
  1. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA): IRCC conducts Express Entry draws at regular intervals usually every two weeks and invites candidates above a certain rank to apply for Canadian permanent residence.
  2. Submit application for permanent residence to IRCC: Candidates, who receive Invitations to Apply (ITAs), are given 60 days to submit a complete online application for permanent residence. In this application, candidates will have to provide extensive personal information along with supporting documentation.

How Express Entry profile points determined

Candidates are given a score to determine their place in the express entry pool using a Comprehensive Ranking System.  Your Express Entry profile will get points based on:

  • Your age;
  • Your education level;
  • Your abilities in English and/or French (Canada’s 2 official languages);
  • Your work experience and skills;
  • If you have a job offer in Canada;
  • your spouse’s education, language abilities and work experience; and
  • Combination of above factors.

Additional points are also awarded if you have completed a college or university program in Canada or if you have a provincial nomination.

Comprehensive Ranking System

Provincial Nominee Programs aligned with Express Entry

With an aim to attract highly skilled immigrants and deal with labour market needs, many of Canada’s provinces and territories have provincial nominee immigration streams linked to Federal Express Entry.

While a nomination from one of Canada’s Provinces is not necessary to enter the Express Entry pool or receive an ITA, it can increase an applicant’s CRS score by 600 points, eventually enabling him/her receive an ITA quickly.

There have been a number of active Express Entry-aligned PNP streams that are quite popular and can open, fill, or change without notice.

Province Program
Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry
Ontario Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
Alberta The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Express Entry Stream

The New Brunswick* The Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS)
Prince Edward Island PEI PNP Express Entry
Newfoundland and Labrador* The Newfoundland Express Entry Skilled Worker stream
British Columbia* Express Entry BC Skilled Worker
Manitoba The Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program (MPNP – Federal Express Entry pathway
Nova Scotia* Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
Northwest Territories* Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) – Express Entry
Yukon* Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) – Express Entry

*Some of the provinces require application to have a job offer to be eligible to apply while others do not.

Express Entry Draws: 2021

Draw No Draw Date CRS Cut Off ITAs Issued
196 July 08,2021 369 (*Canadian Experience Class) 4500
195 July 07,2021 760 (*Provincial nominees only) 627
194 June 24,2021 357 (*Canadian Experience Class) 6000
193 June 23,2021 742 (*Provincial nominees only) 1002
192 June 10,2021 368 (*Canadian Experience Class) 6000
191 June 9, 2021 711 (*Provincial nominees only) 940
190 May 31, 2021 380 (*Canadian Experience Class) 5956
189 May 26, 2021 713 (*Provincial nominees only) 500
188 May 20, 2021 397 (*Canadian Experience Class) 1842
187 May 13, 2021 401 (*Canadian Experience Class) 4,147
186 May 12, 2021 752 (*Provincial nominees only) 557
185 April 29, 2021 400 (*Canadian Experience Class only) 6000
184 April 28, 2021 717 (*Provincial nominees only) 381
183 16-April-2021 417 (*Canadian Experience Class) 6000
182 14-April-2021 753 (*Provincial Nominee Program) 266
181 1- April-2021 432 (*Canadian Experience Class) 5000
180 31- March-2021 778 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 284
179 18- March-2021 449 (Canadian Experience Class) 5000
178 17- March-2021 682 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 183
177 8- March-2021 739 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 671
176 13-February-2021 75 (Canadian Experience Class) 27,332
175 10-February-2021 720 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 654
174 21-January-2021 454 (Canadian Experience Class) 4,626
173 20-January-2021 741 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 374
172 7-January-2021 461 (*Canadian Experience Class) 4750
171 6-January-2021 813 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 250


Express Entry Draws: 2020

Draw No Draw Date CRS Cut Off ITAs Issued
170 23-December-2020 468 (*All-program draw) 5,000
169 9-December-2020 469 (*All-program draw) 5,000
168 25-November-2020 469 (*All-program draw) 5,000
167 18-November-2020 472 (*All-program draw) 5,000
166 5-November-2020 478 (*All-program draw) 4,500
165 14-October-2020 471 (*All-program draw) 4,500
164 30-September-2020 471 (*All-program draw) 4,200
163 16-September-2020 472 (*All-program draw) 4,200
162 2-September-2020 475 (*All-program draw) 4,200
161 20-August-2020 454 (*Canadian Experience Class) 3,300
160 19-August-2020 771 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 600
159 6-August-2020 415 (*Federal Skilled Trades) 250
158 5-August-2020 476 (*all-program draw) 3,900
157 23-July-2020 445 (*Canadian Experience Class only) 3,343
156 22-July-2020 687 (*Provincial nominees only) 557
155 8-July-2020 478 3,900
154 25-June-2020 431 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,508
153 24-June-2020 696 *Provincial nominees only 392
152 11-June-2020 437 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,559
151 10-June-2020 743 *Provincial nominees only 341
150 28-May-2020 440 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,515
149 27-May-2020 757 *Provincial nominees only 385
148 15-May-2020 447 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,371
147 14-May-020 718 *Provincial nominees only 529
146 1-May-2020 452 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,311
145 29-April-2020 692 *Provincial Nominees only 589
144 16-April-2020 808 *Canadian Experience Class (CEC)only 3,782
143 15-April-2020 808 *Provincial Nominees only 118
142 9-April-2020 464 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,294
141 9-April-2020 698 *Provincial Nominees only 606
138 4-March-2020 471 3,900
137 19-February-2020 470 4,500
136 5-February-2020 472 3,500
135 22-January-2020 471 3,400
134 8-January-2020 473 3,400

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